\\ Hey there ! \\

I’m Priyanka Dhall.

Immigrant’s Voice, Chartered Accountant by Profession who is also now a CAREER COACH to Newcomers to Canada by PASSION.

Who am I ?

I’m just like you! (A NEWCOMER TO CANADA) I moved to Canada as a Permanent Resident just and landed 5 JOB OFFERS in less than 30 days in my own profession by breaking the myths of NO CANADIAN EXPERIENCE and since then have helped hundreds of NEWCOMERS TO CANADA to get their DREAM JOB.

I’m on a Mission

My MISSION is to EASE every SKILLED NEWCOMER's settlement journey to CANADA and help them to land their DREAM JOB as it is the foundation to life, career, and financial success in Canada.

\\ I can help you with \\

Land your DREAM JOB in Canada. Here’s How I can help you with .

Canadian Style Resume that gets Interviews

Canadian Style Resume is not similar to your Home Country Resume

Have you ever felt like you have a great resume but don't know why you are not getting interviews? Learn my 10 Step Process to create a Canadian Style Resume that gets you Interview Calls and Lands you the Dream Job as an immigrant to Canada.

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Cover Letter

Cover letter - Make your Job Application to Stand Out from Competition

I want to stress here that in Canada employers really want to see your cover letter as well along with your resume. You will find in most job postings that employers request for sending both your cover letter & your resume when applying for jobs in Canada. Learn my 5 STEPS to write an Effective Cover Letter to get your dream job in Canada. This will make you stand out and will show your genuine interest in the company you are applying for. See this as an opportunity to add those extra STARS in your application.

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LinkedIn - Build a Strong LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a top platform for recruiters and hiring managers seeking to hire candidates for open roles in Canada. I can help you to learn how to use this platform as part of your successful job search and to build your personal brand on LinkedIn so that you don’t miss out on the opportunities. By learning my strategies, opportunities will come knocking on your door and if you do the work, you will be receiving job offers directly in your inbox from the recruiters in Canada.

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Networking - Most successful way to find your next job

The people you know can be the best way for you to find your next job. The “tried and true” path of networking is still the most successful way to find your next position. Learn the tactics that can increase your chances of getting a job by learning social networking strategies and get referrals in your job search.

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Access Hidden Job Market

Hidden Job Market - Way to identify unadvertised job opportunities

The “hidden job market” refers to jobs that are not advertised publicly. Do you know that 80% of the available jobs are in the Hidden Job Market and only 20% of jobs are visible to you as the Visible Job Market which is on Online Job Portals like Indeed, Ziprecruiter. These positions may be filled through employee referrals, recruiters, or direct contact with hiring managers. Learn my 6 strategies that you can implement to access the Hidden Job Market.

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Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation - Become an Interview Closer

How will you make a knockout first impression and position yourself as the perfect fit for the role even as a newcomer to Canada? Brush up on your interview skills with me by learning my interview tips that will set you up for success. To land job offers, you have to be an Interview closer because an Interview closer knows how to close and land the deal, JOB OFFER. Knowing how to ace an interview is one of the most critical job search skills you can master.

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