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"I am Just like you! ( A NEWCOMER TO CANADA )".

I remember the day when my Permanent Residency application to Canada was approved…. I was literally shedding tears of joy and happiness... It was a reward for all the hard work and all the efforts that were put in preparing for IELTS to achieve the golden score of 8777 and completing tons of formalities of the immigraton process. I did it because I had a STRONG WHY
“ I wanted to give my son a better life “
And then search for a new journey BEGINS…

I didn’t had any close relatives or friends in Canada...So I reached out to my connections if they can connect me with a few people who were already living in Canada...Just to seek guidance from their experiences for the initial days of our settlement…Hearing their responses, I just got Shocked & Scared of making this move….
Because they said that once you land in Canada, you will have to start from scratch.
  • You will have to do survival jobs. You won’t get a job in your own profession. No matter how qualified you are, employers won’t recognize it.
  • You will not get hired without Canadian experience and much more. They were skilled professionals who got stuck in survival jobs when they moved to Canada.
  • I couldn’t sleep for nights.
    My heart was crying & I was asking myself, Did I put in all the hard work in all this immigration process just to hear this kind of feedback?? It was a struggle of 2 long years.
    In that moment, my husband just said 1 thing to me, Priyanka,

    “Believe in yourself and make your own way” - which I own now 🙂

    & those words completely shifted my focus, so instead of focusing on What I can’t control, My focus shifted on
    What can I control? These words gave me a break from all the negative energy that had surrounded me in the last few days. I heard that inner voice that there should be and will be a way to break this myth. My brain started looking for reasons. The Express Entry Program was designed for skilled professionals because Canada needs the talent from other countries. If the country is not recognizing the talent of people migrating in this program here, then there is a big loophole in the system and I began my search….

    I spent 1000’s of hours on research before migrating. To make long story short - Soon I figured out its WE who are not able to show and sell our value in spite of having the right education and years of experience…
  • Don’t know how to do job search in Canada.
  • Don’t learn about the job market in Canada.
  • Don’t do enough research on which place is right for them to land where their skills and experience has high demand.
  • Don’t know how to write a Canadian Style Resume.
  • Don’t know how to do networking.
  • Don’t know how to earn referrals.
    All this research allowed me to create a Step by Step Job Search strategy that I personally implemented.
  • What was the result...?
    I got 5 job offers in less than 30 days of landing in Canada and they were all in my own profession. Because I learned from all the mistakes that people were making, I self-educated myself on everything from creating an impressive resume that shows your value to doing organic networking on LinkedIn without asking for a job. The people whom I had reached out to earlier started saying you are lucky enough to get a job in your own profession. I simply smiled at them, they don’t know how hard I had prepared for this outcome. “Luck my friends is nothing more than the marriage of preparation with opportunity” And I now firmly believe that this is my calling My Why, My Purpose that God has sowed in me.