The very first question that people often ask who are soon migrating to Canada is what is the right place to land. 

For newcomers obviously, the right place is where you can quickly land your dream job which will make this transition easier to your new country because you can’t afford to land at a place where it will be hard to get a job as it will cost you thousands of dollars and instead of earning income, you will start depleting your savings.

But don’t worry, I am going to save you a big chunk of money 🙂

Here are the 3 steps which will help you to identify the Right Place

where you can find your very first job as per your skills and work experience and these steps will help you to choose the right destination.

Step-1 Know your NOC Code

If your Canada immigration application is already approved or it is still in process,  you might be aware of the NOC code which is a 4 digit occupation code that best matches with your duties and responsibilities back in your home country. 

For example – The NOC code for Software Engineers and designers is 2173 and

NOC code for Elementary teachers is 4032 

So your very first step is to have clarity on what is your NOC code. If you are not sure, you can find it on this link here.

Step -2  Go to Job Bank Website of Canada and Explore the market by outlook – prospects

Here’s the link 

Now enter your NOC code from step 1, you will be taken to the page where you can clearly identify the job opportunities in each and every province and region in Canada and identify whether the job prospects are good, fair, limited or a warning in your particular occupation.

If you notice, this outlook is for the period of 3 years and the information on this page gets updated after every 3 years and will give you an exact position of the current job market.

You can look into it in more detail and understand how the market is expected to be in the near future. 

You will also get an idea of the industries where people are mainly working in this occupation and what is the employment rate.

Another great thing to consider here is that you can also identify the demand of your occupation in different regions in whatever province you are looking for. 

Now from step 2 simply do your analysis and make a list of all provinces and regions that have a good or fair demand in your occupation.

I have also compiled a list of in demand industries in major cities of Canada.               

You can download it here.

Step-3 Other factors 

Apart from finding the place with good job opportunities when moving to Canada, you also might want to consider many other factors like what is the cost of living in different areas?

I live in Vancouver so I can give you an idea of the cost of living in Vancouver. Our fixed monthly expenses are around $3,000. We are a family of 3 and live in a 1 bedroom apartment. This is an estimate of our fixed expenses like House Rent and Utilities, Transportation, Groceries and Internet/ Mobile Bills. 

You can do some research in the provinces and regions that you shortlisted from Step 2 and compare the cost of living.

Here’s a great tool for you to compare the cost of living in different areas of Canada. 

You may also want to consider the weather/climate  when choosing a place to live especially if you are coming with family and also have kids then you might want to go to a place like British Columbia where the weather is not so harsh as compared to Manitoba which can be very cold and snowy in winter.

You may also have friends or relatives at a particular place who can support you in your initial days so whatever the reason is making a list in Step 2 will give you options to choose from and then you can make your decision considering the other factors as well.

But remember, the primary factor to consider when choosing a place is your JOB PROSPECTS in that area. If you got the job everything else can be taken care of.

Now apply these 3 STEPS and you will easily identify which province and region in Canada is a right choice for you.

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